New Horizons for Digital Web Properties at the GPeC Summer School 2017

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by Miriam Cihodariu | Sep 7, 2017 | Events |New Horizons for Digital Web Properties at the GPeC Summer School 2017

Soon, we will be reaching our 3-year anniversary as a company. We’re up to celebrate it on September the 8th, and this always makes us look back and be amazed of how far we’ve come. The most important take-away for us all is that we couldn’t have done it unless we remained committed to continuous learning and self-improvement. This includes embracing change, opportunities to grow and to learn things out of our usual area of expertise.

gpec graduation diploma for miriam cihodariu dwp

One of our favorite ways to learn is to pay attention to what the best in the field have to teach. Attending the relevant courses, conferences and networking events is a great opportunity for us to continuously push ourselves further.

This year, Digital Web Properties has chosen e-commerce as a new area to become an authoritative voice in. The most relevant Romanian event in e-commerce is the GPeC summer school taking place each year in the second half of August, and we naturally had to be a part of it.

GPeC stands for ‘Gala Premiilor în e-Commerce’ (The e-Commerce Awards Gala), and they are the number one local authority on online stores, e-commerce marketing, UX and growth. We had previously attended conferences organized by them and loved it. So the intensive week-long summer school was a logical next step to deepen our understanding of the field.

miriam cihodariu presentation at gpec 2017

Our representative at GPeC, Miriam, delivering a presentation of a UX audit and 2-week marketing plan for an e-commerce website.

The results of attending the GPeC summer school ended up exceeding our expectations. The courses taught were top-notch and the decades of e-commerce experience of the trainers added incredible value to their knowledge. Last, but not least, the overall vibe was perfectly upbeat and friendly.

Here is what we loved most about the GPeC summer school:

  • Bringing on board both trainers and attendees from varied and complementary backgrounds;
  • Having each presentation be both approachable to beginners and thought-provoking for the advanced among us;
  • The contagious enthusiasm of the trainers and the authentic joy in what they do. It’s that extra something which you can’t replace with anything else;
  • The practical exercises and hands-on experience the organizers strived to deliver;
  • The location, its green hills and mountains, the perfect weather and the inn’s cats reluctantly taking part in our activities;
  • The new friends, acquaintances, and quality networking earned over the course of the entire week;
  • The mentoring presence of Liviu Taloi, the cutting-edge competence of Raluca Radu & Anabela Luca, the Game-of-Thrones humor of Horia Neagu, the visual journey of Marian Hurducaș’s presentation, the transparency of Roxana Magopet, the enthusiasm of Lucia Ciucă and the incredible eye for UX detail of Andrei Radu.

red cat at the gpec summer school 2017

Local resident having no choice but to attend the summer school’s outdoor courses in the afternoon.

The GPeC summer school of 2017 was a rewarding experience for Digital Web Properties. We are looking forward to future events!


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