25 Things We Loved about MozCon 2018


Our company believes that staying up to date with everything new in the world of online marketing is the key to success. We also believe that our team members should mingle with the best in the industry to get inspired and evolve, both personally and professionally. As a result, four of us were in attendance at the prestigious 2018’s MozCon conference which took place in Seattle between the 9th and 11th of July.

There was a lot to take in, to experience, and to learn. We armed ourselves with coffee and took notes. The only things we could do. Here are some of the best points we jotted down during MozCon 2018.

1. The adorable map of the world where attendees placed a pin on the country they come from

Diversity for the win!

2. Sarah Bird reminding us that 40% of searches still don’t give a click

There were a lot of percentages and statements that made us question our existence.

3. All of the inspirational quotes you could need

We were all invited to dream a little.

In the face of all this change is opportunity.

Sarah Bird, MozCon 2018

4. Jono Alderson telling people to attend WordCamp EU to learn more stuff

WordCamp EU is an annual meetup of content creators that hops from city to city every time. Next year, it will take place in beautiful Berlin.

5. Cindy Krum’s stark reminder that 61% of mobile searches don’t get clicks

Yeesh. Another reason why mobile is essential.

6. Bryant Goodall’s #shoesofmozcon hashtag trending on Twitter

Yes, you guessed it, cool snaps of the speakers’ footwear.

7. Taylor Coil saying a resource doesn’t count if it’s not expert

It has to be the very best, like no resource ever was. 

8.  When Rob Bucci said that Google cares more about how close you are than how good you are

What if we’re close to being good?

9. Stephanie Briggs who understands people with normal jobs

We don’t all have wonderfully ideal clients.

10. Dr. Pete asking the question on everyone’s minds “why is gelato?”

Also, the National Gelato Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in July. Thanks, dr. Pete! 😊

We’re too obsessed with modifying parts and pieces to take a step back and change bigger things.

Jono Alderson, MozCon 2018

11. Oli Gardner explaining that Only Your M.O.M. Can Save You when it comes to Content Marketing

And then telling us that our websites need “maybe later buttons.”

12. Justine Jordan saying that you may not think it’s spam, but someone will

Email marketing done right!

13. Wil Reynolds’ inspiring and funny take on the right tools for bigger data

And also our minds being blown by his no-BS presentation. Not only is Power BI an incredible tool, according to Will, it’s also on my computer right now and I can’t confirm nor deny. I can only say it has a lot of buttons. Many of the buttons do things. That is all.

14. The 50/50 PLEDGE

Moz has partnered with this organization in order to improve the representation of women on stage. Sixteen amazing ladies graced the stage this year, a proof that MOZ delivered on their commitment.

15. Our new friend, Roger, the robot!

Every attendee got to take home a reminder of this amazing experience: a tiny Roger the robot action figure.

16. Britney Muller explaining Machine Learning for SEOs with the help of her amazingly cute mama duck and baby ducks

Only pictures of them, sadly they were not on stage.

Aren’t they cute?

17. Darren Shaw’s point that when everyone will have hundreds of 5-star reviews, they won’t matter anymore

We give this statement 5 stars out of 5.

18. Strolling through the beautiful Pike Place Market

Make time for a few hours at Pike Place, you’ll love the fresh flowers, fruits, fish and much more.

19. Hannah Thorpe pointing out that there’s a 61% increase in people searching for who, what, why, how

Some of these stats and percentages were nice.

Pages that answer the visitor’s most important questions outperform pages that don’t.

Amy Hebdon, MozCon 2018

20. Unforgettable all-American Donuts Day (trust us, they were de-li-cious!)

Sprinkles. Sprinkles everywhere. Other days’ snacks included piroshkis and greek yogurt. Yum!

21. Emily Grossman saying we should think of time as money and then ask if we can afford something

Maybe we should’ve made this article shorter…

22. Dana DiTomasso telling us that bad reports mean everything is sad

She became everyone’s spirit animal by showing us that we don’t need as maaaany reports as we currently use, fewer reports can do more.

23. Rand Fishkin receiving praise and applause for his heartfelt talk

Rand delivered an inspiring and honest talk and took the time to acknowledge Moz for everything he learned there.

The best teams feel comfortable crying in front of each other.

Rand Fishkin, MozCon 2018

24. The amazingly well-organized conference, starting with the speakers, schedule, location, catering, networking event

Kudos to the organizing team who made everyone feel welcome and valuable.

25. Last, but not least, the impressing view from Seattle’s most famous attraction, the Space Needle

Your knees might tremble a bit, but you should not miss this Seattle icon.

This Is Where Our Work Begins

All in all, this experience was unforgettable and inspiring for our team. We plan to apply the great strategies we learned at MozCon in order to improve our work and ourselves, as well as explore the tools recommended by our favorite speakers. We can’t wait for MozCon 2019!


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