It’s Our Birthday!

3 years of Digital Web Properties

On September 8, 2017, Digital Web Properties celebrated its third birthday. We are a bit older! Wiser! Bigger! And most importantly, better! Our team now counts an impressive 50 members. Each of us talented and unique.

Coming into our third year we have realized a few things. Expertise and wisdom aren’t skills that come simply by watching time pass. They come when the entire team works together to become better.

DWP Birthday Cake 3-years of activity

The year was not without challenges for us. We had to change our internal structure and adapt to scary changes, but we’ve come out on top. With every challenge comes an opportunity for growth and we are proud to say that we’ve come a long way.

In 2017, we expanded beyond our core services and market to provide a unified experience to our international and local clients. We are looking forward to our next year and we hope it will be as challenging and rewarding as this one.

To celebrate this special day, we organized a night-out with bowling, pool, tasty snacks, and most importantly: good mood! Here are some of the photos from the party:


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