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Social Media Marketing

Our mission is to help you set up a coherent, engaging social presence, while also enabling you to strengthen the relationships you’ve already built with your audience, fans, clients, and partners.

Social media channels are perfect venues for building toward greater brand loyalty, encouraging brand ambassadorship, while ultimately increasing your conversion rate and sales.

For us, social media marketing is not just about metrics, statistics, insights, and post reach. We will help you find the ideal audience for your industry niche & get your name on the lips of key industry influencers. Social media is, after all, social. This means no social media marketing services would be complete without fostering strong relationships across your field, based on mutual respect and trust.

Our Process:

Step #1:

We conduct research on the latest S.M. trends and create top-quality content that will be pushed through various social channels.

Step #2:

We write and release SEO-optimized press releases through top PR platforms online. They will help you recount industry-relevant stories & accumulate positive exposure.

Step #3:

We assign a trained social media manager to your account, to manage your reputation & handle community feedback.

How social media marketing can help your business:

Increase Brand recognition

As the world becomes increasingly connected and increasingly social, a strong presence on the major digital social platforms is crucial for any brand. It’s the only way to get people to understand your brand message correctly and to remember your name.

Increase Traffic & SE Rankings

Even though the exact algorithms of search engines remain a mystery, there’s plenty of evidence that social media signals are taken into account for rankings. After all, few things pinpoint to more authenticity than a strong social media presence.

Decrease Marketing Costs

Since the whole point of social media is having users share your content and help spread it organically, if this works it can be a golden ticket. You won’t need to spend as much on traditional promotion strategies and your exposure will still continue to grow.

Higher Conversion Rates

Data shows that more and more consumers shop online, and some of them even directly from social media content. A large chunk of the remaining consumers, even if they prefer shopping for goods or services offline, nevertheless take their decision to buy while browsing online content.

Improve brand loyalty.

A thorough social media marketing strategy isn’t only about gaining new customers, but also about transforming the existing ones into loyal, permanent members of your brand’s audience. Without such a capacity for retention, a brand cannot thrive on the long run.

Core social media services pack

3-5 posts per day, according to the following strategies:

  • Original content created for your brand (visuals, shared blog posts, videos);
  • Content supplied by the client (events, contests, follow-ups on industry news);
  • Relevant industry content, re-tweeted or shared – strictly from industry publishers that you approve beforehand;
  • For Twitter only: outreach, tweets at, for potential clients and business partners;
  • Follow-up on feedback (comments, questions, messages, reviews) from target audience.

Additionally, we can also create content and manage communities on the following platforms. Feel free to select as many as you see fit, according to your campaign goals and industry niche:

What you can Expect from Us:

  • All our content is posted manually, not through some automated bulk posting tool.
  • Our social media content takes seasonality and trends into account.
  • We also offer B2B social media marketing services for small company brands.
  • Digital Web Properties is deeply immersed in the social media marketing world, which is why it can also provide nonpareil remote consulting services, via phone or Skype video conferences.

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