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Site Audits

All successful SEO campaigns start with a comprehensive site audit, to ensure that website content has been properly optimized for the best user experience and as per search engine standards. Digital Web Properties offers a free homepage SEO analysis, complete with a recommendations report.

More often than not, websites have optimization issues that go beyond their homepage and also require a more in-depth SEO evaluation. If you think your site could use a full SEO test, to spot issues beyond the surface, Digital Web Properties has got the SEO assessment solutions you need.

Our Process:

Step #1: On-site Content

We assess all the main sections of your site to identify underlying problems (e.g. duplicate content, broken links, etc.). We also perform a cursory analysis of indexed content, to see if any glitches are preventing search engines from reading your pages.

Step #2: Link Profile Analysis

We take a deep look at your back link & anchor profile and evaluate it against your main competitors, to see how they’re outperforming you and determine what you can do to improve the quality of your links.

Step #3: Social Media

With so many social networks striving to make their algorithms more relevant, there’s no doubt that the social media presence projected by your brand will weigh quite heavily in the rankings. Our SEO report will also document your social presence.

How Site Auditing Can Help your Business:

Determine Your SEO weaknesses

You may have SEO glitches on your website that you’re not even aware of. These may affect the performance of your website, both from SERPs and from an UX standpoint. We will identify potential sinkholes so that they’re addressed and corrected.

Learn the Health Status of your Site

Even when you design a website in a flawless manner from the beginning, over time it can become flooded with minor issues and become less healthy that it should be. Our audit can determine such issues that slow down or harm your site and its standing in SERPs.

Understand the Quality of your Inbound Links

Incoming links are one of the ways Google knows if other internet users recommend your website and what for. Their quality is a crucial factor for your website’s standing, that can make or break your rankings.

Address Reputation Management

Your website’s online reputation consists of more than just inbound links and their quality, there are also reviews, brand mentions, comments and many other factors to account for. Addressing these is a crucial step in improving your rankings, traffic and even conversions.

Improve Traffic, Leads & Conversions

As all factors that make your website function as intended are scrutinized and handled correctly, you will see almost immediate results. The traffic, leads, SERPs and conversions will be boosted as both users and search engines will trust your site more.

SEO Audit Deliverables

  • SEO Audit Report: Our complete in-depth onsite SEO audit materializes, at the end of the assessment process, in .pdf format. We also provide access to source analysis material, such as metrics tools screenshots and links.
  • Website Crawl Report: We conduct a site crawl, with the aid of bespoke software solutions, and replicate the activity of the Google crawler bot. The crawl locates broken links, non-indexed material, and other issues.
  • Keyword Research Report: The core component of our onsite SEO audit is the keyword research document, which takes a wide range of search patterns, behaviors, and semiotic aspects into account. We look at frequent queries, competitor keywords and long tail key phrases, present and past search trends & more.
  • Social Presence Report: User behavior, reach, and engagement can be easily gauged on social media – and that’s precisely what our social media report offers, alongside suggestions for improvement.

What you can Expect from Us:

    Our in-depth full SEO audit comes with several deliverable reports, as outlined above. We will also provide supporting consultation sessions, to explain the contents of our findings, as well as help you understand our recommendations and how they can be implemented.
    By and large, our online SEO audit services include the following components:

  • Content analysis scorecard.
  • Keyword analysis, recommendations, focus, and keyword research guidelines
  • Meta data (meta description) analyses and recommendations.
  • Image Title and Alt Text attributes
  • Internal linking and anchor text
  • No-follow linking and no-follow anchor text
  • Do-follow inbound links
  • Page exclusions and inclusions
  • Search engine crawl bot errors
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Page load time
  • Domain authority and page rankings
  • Competitive analysis of back link profiles
  • Competitive analysis of focus keywords

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