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Onsite Content Strategy

The only way you can get a 100% guaranteed content strategy for the web, from an SEO perspective, is by creating a website that offers genuinely useful content and is optimized for relevant key-phrases.

The staff writers in charge of our client portfolio at Digital Web Properties have been specifically trained to create written material, according to the best practice standards in SEO. Each professional content creator on our team with has been tested, trained, and approved by our management, in order to make certain that their work meets your goals. And that’s not even all our copy writing services include.

The website copywriting we create through our writers is centered on the most relevant keywords for your industry niche, local goals, and target audience. The purpose of such a keyword optimization content strategy is to increase the Domain Authority your brand website boasts and take it to the top of the SERPs in all the major search engines.

Our Process

Throughout our years of activity in the field of SEO, we’ve discovered that different clients have radically different needs. That’s why we’ve honed our content marketing strategy, as well as our capacities for adaptability and flexibility to perfection. We can collaborate as closely, or as loosely with you in our content writing process as you prefer. Moreover, we offer both blog content and website pages content (presentation pages), depending on what you wish to accomplish with your online presence.

The typical steps of our content strategy development unfurl as follows:

Step #1:

You, the client, fill in a form giving us some basic information on your content needs. You will be asked to list your targeted keywords, as well as specify a projected timeline and budget.

Step #2

Our in-house writers will brainstorm ideas and content directions, in the form of long tail keyword ideas with title proposals.

Step #3:

You will receive the ideas, suggestions, and initial research results for approval. Remember that we will never bind you into approving any ideas you don’t like or think suitable for your brand.

Step #4:

Post-approval, our writers will get to work on writing the articles you’ve requested. Each article is proofread, edited, and checked for plagiarism with our premium tools.

Step #5:

Each article will be accompanied by a number of fully licensed images, as per your request. Alternatively, you can supplement your order with one for a custom-made infographic.

Step #6:

Also, we will make sure to tweak the keywords inserted throughout the web copy in accordance to your target audience, in order to make sure you gain more visibility where it matters.

Why is Blog Content Still Important in SEO?

More Content for SMM

Creating a social media content strategy that sounds great on paper is easy – but not that feasible if you don’t actually have any written content to share, tweet, and support your Pinterest pins.

More Inbound Links

Quality draws audiences in, especially when you’re offering them a resource article, the cornerstone of content marketing strategies. A thoughtful, well-researched, relevant article will generate inbound links without so much as any extra effort.

More Frequent Indexing

The more frequently content is created for and published on your company blog, the better its odds at getting crawled and indexed by the Google bot. This will improve visibility in organic searches & attract more visitors.

More Long-Tails

Each post created around a long tail key-phrase will improve your odds at having searchers land on your page, after queries related to your industry. That’s because more optimized content translates into more search results.

More Leads

If clients see that someone’s around posting, writing, and looking after their customers, they’re far more likely to engage and even purchase with your brand. Good onsite copywriting will literally turn leads into sales.

Article Specifications

When placing a content order with us, you can expect each item delivered within your enterprise content management strategy to meet the following standards:

  • Tailored word count. The typical article will range from 600 to 1,000 words in length, but we can adjust the word count on individual pieces, based on your industry practices.
  • Top quality content. Each targeted key phrase is researched before being inserted in the articles. Material is professionally researched, so that the subjects approached are topical and relevant.
  • Visual illustration. We usually purchase fully licensed images to illustrate our client’s orders, but we also have the capacity to create in-house visuals, such as graphic designs and infographics.

Additionally, we can also create content and manage communities on social media platforms. Once you contact us, we can get a better idea of your needs and devise a customized approach.

Let our team make your website a more inviting place! Talk to us today!