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Reputation Management

If you’re having trouble turning leads and clicks into sales, then you might want to invest some money in our online reputation management services.

The importance of online reputation management in today’s digital marketing environment cannot be overstressed. It’s absolutely essential to know who is talking about you and what they’re saying. It’s crucial to be able to respond in a timely, appropriate manner, if you want to preserve the integrity of your brand. And it also pays off to invest in online reputation management (ORM), in order to grow your brand by improving awareness of it.

In case ORM still looks like a buzzword to you, perhaps you should be aware of some facts, figures, and hard data recently collected by a CRM software company. The survey in question says one third of consumers who received a response to their online complaint from a retailer ended up reposting a positive review. What’s more, 34 per cent of those polled actually deleted their initial negative review. ORM is quantifiable and very much so. Its results can be seen in your conversion rates.

What we Can do for your Brand’s Online Reputation:

Remove Negative Search Results

Sometimes webmasters are reluctant to remove negative reviews and/or comments, but it never hurts to try.

Build a Positive S.M. Presence

Thus ensuring that the first page of branded; queries is fully controllable by you and your PR and marketing team.

Gain Expanded Links in SERPS

Get “expanded sitelinks” in the Google organic search result pages on branded searches.

Improve Brand Searches

Keep negative search results at a minimum and lower their presence ratio in brand searches.

Reach Out to Disgruntled Clients

Addressing the issues voiced by clients and reaching out to them may turn a negative review in a positive one.

What to Expect from our ORM Services:

  • We use some of the best online reputation management software tools to monitor for branded keywords. They allow us to search across several social networks at once, also run queries for hashtags, and allow us to set up alerts that notify every time anyone mentions your brand.
  • We also have a very strict feedback policy, in the sense that we strive to respond in a timely manner and rarely ever delete comments and other forms of feedback – unless they are racist, threatening, or in very poor taste. There are far too many documented cases out there, which speak of social media fails, in terms of how appropriately (or not) a company responded to online negativity.
  • Finally, we will escalate any issues, reviews, questions, and inquiries directly to you, if we cannot provide a complete response to the client. We will also provide recommendations on the best course of action – sometimes, online reputation management actually means you have to take some issues offline, for the best results.
  • Digital Web Properties is deeply immersed in the social media marketing world, which is why it can also provide nonpareil remote consulting services, via phone or Skype video conferences.

Want us to help manage your online reputation?