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Online Business Consultancy

These days, starting an online business seems easy enough for anyone to do it — from resourceful teens to your grandmother. But it’s not all that easy to stand out from the crowd on the bustling, ultra-dynamic scene of digital entrepreneurship. Still, we’re experienced enough to be confident in your success, if you have the right strategy.

The Philosophy Behind Our Business Consulting Services

Feeling lost at sea, in an ocean of information on search engine optimization? Wondering who the real experts in digital business consulting are? Worry no more. If you’re looking for an actual experienced online business consultant, with flexible business hours, who can provide you with hands-on support, we’ve got just who you need.

We work with a full-time, in-house, experienced business advisor, specialized in the online field. He can make all the difference, in terms of what makes or breaks your business. Here’s what our small business consulting services will guarantee you:

  • A tested-and-true strategy, adapted to your particular case, that will put your company firmly on the map;
  • A resounding brand launch, which will let everyone know, right from the get-go, that you mean serious business;
  • Digital campaigns that will tell your brand story in the most compelling and engaging way;
  • Loyal customers, who will keep coming back for more from you and who, in time, will turn into your best brand ambassadors.

Our Online Business Consultancy Services Offer:

Business Analysis & Consultancy

Your business exists not in a void, but in a context, shaped by trends, external influences, and major players. You need to know who your competition is, what they’re doing right already, and what you can do better than them. Our business consultancy services start from granular market research, which forms the basis of our marketing plan.

Content Strategy

Content is equal parts message and tone. Great content is the right message, communicated in the right tone. It is knowing what to say, who to say it with, and how to express it, at all times, on any channel. Our consultancy services are based on all this and the ultimate goal of the content campaigns we create is to help you formulate relevant content.

Campaign Strategy

So you’ve got a brand on your hands. Now what? Now you start coordinating all your efforts, so that you can communicate about it in the best way possible. In order to do this, you’re going to need the right strategy—one that rings true across channels and types of media.

Brand Strategy

It takes a lot of specific expertise to build a brand from the ground up. It takes similar, yet different types of professional experience to help a brand get to the top. We’ve been working both with new companies, as well as with established companies, who want to make the most of their online clout.

UX & Information Architecture

There can be no business website to speak of, if there’s no business architecture working flawlessly in the background. Our skill-set is all about creating a sound wireframe for both your brand, as well as for your online presence.

What is Consulting for Businesses in the Digital World?

Our on-staff business consultant is the embodiment of dedication and a tested-and-true problem solver. He’s one of the assets that has driven our company to the top of its field. His edge: the years of experience under his belt in working with fledgling and/or emerging companies. What he promises – and delivers on, is:

  • A plan to put your startup en route to the success it deserves;
  • A strategy for digital marketing that is sure to harness awareness for your brand;
  • Long-term consulting services, to make sure everything goes according to plan, or one-off consultations whenever the need for some advice arises.

Why Work with Us:

The answer is in all of the above and in what we can do for you, hands on. Think you can do the same for yourself, in-house? Wondering how to become a consultant, or how to start a consulting business? We can offer advice on this as well, but don’t trick yourself into believing that you can do this on your own, with no actual previous experience in starting and running a business. Instead, you should come to us first. Then, we can work together towards your future growth into a business development expert in your own right.

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