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Local SEO

While our clients have been expanding their business and busily conquering one local market after another, we’ve been by their side, trying to make sure their sites can keep up with their stores.

With online marketing being the ever-expanding, dynamic field that it is, you might be tempted to think that you can find local SEO experts on every corner. We’re here to tell you that’s not entirely true. Delivering one or several successful global SEO campaigns does not qualify companies in the field to provide consulting or draw up a strategy for locally targeted campaigns. We, on the other hand, have several such accounts under our belt – and some have been active for years.

Our Process:

Step #1: Setting Campaign Goals

The first step we take, after signing on a new local SEO account, is to sit down with the client and have a detailed discussion about their campaign goals, their local market, the industry they’re active in, as well as the best long tail keywords they should be focusing on.

Step #2: Identifying Relevant Keywords

In order to identify those keywords, we perform a competitive analysis on their main competitors and work out how their clients are finding them, via the search engines. In the second stage of the process, we pull all the stops to get those searchers to land on your page instead.

Step #3: On-site Optimization

SEO for local searches includes all the elements of your site that you can control. That starts with the meta data. We cannot stress just how important it is to have your business name, address, phone number, and all other contact details properly listed.

Step #4: Google+ & Bing Set-up

Now that the onsite optimization is out of the way, our local SEO specialist can handle social platform profile setups for you. Both of the two major search engines, Google and Bing, have tools that are dedicated to businesses.

Step #5: Local Directory Listings & Reviews

We select several directory listings which are relevant for your area and industry, such as Super Pages, Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc. We will also encourage clients to leave reviews wherever possible.

Step #6: Brand Mentions & Link-Building

The next step is to build a solid backlink profile for your business, while also working to improve its trustworthiness, authority, and reach. Our strategy includes creating backlinks to resources on your site. Meanwhile, we also negotiate citations or brand mentions.

How Local SEO can help your business:

Increase Brand recognition

Local SEO efforts can make you become a more well-known presence where it matters, in the local environment of your target audience. The potential leads in your area will come to know your brand and remember it for when their need for your services arises.

Attract Relevant Traffic

Broad high traffic parameters will do nothing for your website if the services you offer are designed for a specific geographical area. After a local SEO campaign, you won’t just have boosted traffic levels, but the source of this traffic will also shift towards the relevant audiences.

Appear in Local Listings

By implementing a local SEO strategy, you can make sure your website becomes included in local listings and directories. This ensures that the audience searching for the services you offer or for your brand is directed towards you faster and easier.

Higher Conversion Rates

Since you will rank in local SERPs and gain the attention of the right audience, your conversions will also go up after we put some effort into local SEO for your website. This will enable an almost instant connection between your website and the potential local leads.

Great Return-on-Investment

Local SEO campaigns manage to fine-tune your visibility to precisely its intended medium(s), therefore the ROIs are great. On the local SERPs, the competition is lower than in the broader niche, and the leads and conversions gained will make your investments return tenfold in no time.

Our basic local SEO services include:

  • An onsite SEO analysis, complete with a recommendation report;
  • Business listings for your firm, in all the relevant local directories (think Yelp, Local.com, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, and many more);
  • Setup and optimization of your Google Places and Google Places for Business accounts;
  • Citations and brand mentions campaigns;
  • Link building campaigns.

Additionally, we can also create content and manage communities on the following platforms. Feel free to select as many as you see fit, according to your campaign goals and industry niche:

How Our Local SEO Strategy Works

    When do you need a local SEO strategy? When you’ve got an offline, real-life, bricks-and-mortar store, agency, or service-providing business that services a certain geographic area. Typically, this area is a city, but it can also be a county or a neighborhood or borough. In case you’re not familiar with local search results, you should know that they look a bit different from the regular organic search results. They come with a drop-pin on a map and are influenced by several factors. The main influencers are:
  • The place name or other geographical marker in the search query (e.g. “African restaurant New York”)
  • The IP address of the device where the search originated

If you’re interested in a pricing quote for a local SEO campaign, contact us today!