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Link Removal & Disavowal

Does your website have a spammy or poor link-profile? We can help you fix it by manually removing & disavowing these links.

The Digital Web Properties link profile audit process starts with our backlink experts receiving access to your Google Webmaster Tools profile Once that’s all been put in place, we’ll manually review each individual link, to see if we can spot the bad apples in the bunch. In other words, we’ll be looking for potentially harmful inbound links, which might be detrimental to your website’s SERP ranking.

Our Link Removal Process:

Step #1: Link Audit

We conduct a thorough audit of your backlink profile, via your Google Webmaster Tools account. We seek to identify any potentially problematic links, which we will then try to manually remove, or have disavowed.

Step #2: Strategizing

As per your approval, we can attempt to have the bad links removed. The list of links up for manual removal has to be vetted by you, and the price is $2 per unique domain.

Step #3: Manual Link Removal

We head out to each individual domain identified in the back link audit process and seek to identify contact information, in order to get in touch with the website’s webmaster.

Step #4: Outreach

: The outreach effort entails one carefully worded email per domain, with a request to have the link(s) in question removed. We cannot guarantee the success of such outreach attempts.

Step #5: Disavowal

We file for disavowal of all the links we couldn’t manage to have manually removed, via the Google Disavowal tool.

Step #6: Penalty Removal

We submit a penalty reconsideration request with Google. Once again, it’s not up to us to control whether this request is approved or not – the decision lies entirely in Google’s hands.

How Our Link Removal Services can Help Your Business:

Real Time Monitoring

Our initial audit will continue throughout our link removal campaign, and you will be notified in real-time as the unwanted links to your portal disappear. You will also be able to see in real-time how your inbound link profile improves, along with rankings.

Tailored Campaigns

We strongly believe that no two projects or niches are the same, and each client’s needs are unique. Therefore, you will benefit from a personalized approach in the link removal campaign we will build for you, based on your own priorities and input.

Hassle Free Link Clean-up

Tackling unwanted links and negative reputation markers by yourself can be a daunting experience, in both technical and legal aspects. Therefore, our experts are here to solve your problems by carrying out this potentially unsavoury business in your name.

Online Reputation Restoring

After a well-conceived link removal campaign is carried out, you will begin noticing how your overall online reputation is improving. This will be visible across multiple parameters, starting from traffic and SERPs and even leading up to better conversion rates.

Avoiding / Removing SE Penalties

Once we get you rid of the unhealthy links towards your domain, you will no longer be at risk of getting penalized by search engines. If you already received a penalty, cleaning up your bad links will allow you to apply for a future review and penalty removal.

Our Approach to the Link Removal Process

We will put effort into removing unwanted, defamatory or poor-quality links from your back-link profile, paying attention to all details and the link’s context, as if caring for our own website. Your online reputation couldn’t be in better hands.

The link removal package delivered by Digital Web Properties promises the following:

  • Fast removal: We will manually remove all unwanted or bad links, or send out requests for their removal (cease and desist) in your name;
  • Fast reports: You will be notified in real time of our progress and as the targeted links are taken down;
  • Google Penalty Removal submission: If you have been penalized over a poor link profile, we will submit your website for a penalty removal review after completing the link clean-up.

What you can Expect from Us:

Let’s give a straight answer: everything. You can expect from us everything within the confines of the law when it comes to getting your unwanted links removed. We will concentrate our efforts across multiple channels, ranging from manual removal, webmaster outreach and even formal complaints or cease and desist letters.

We will also help you discover those links which may appear ok but aren’t really doing you a service. Such cases may come in various forms: too many links from the same website, or a seemingly laudatory link coming from a poor authority domain, and so on. The initial link audit performed when scanning your back-link profile will pinpoint exactly those inbound links which should be cleaned up. This way, you can avoid any potential SE penalties and keep your website healthy and growing.

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