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Keyword Research

Our comprehensive and diversified organic search strategies can help you achieve measurable results in a reasonable amount of time.

A durable high ranking position in search results for terms relevant to your business niche is pure gold. Paid ads may take you to the top of the page faster, but the benefits end when the campaign ends. By contrast, a reliable organic search strategy can lead you to the top in a natural way, which will benefit you in more than one way.

First of all, you’ll be where it matters in a way that truly responds to the user’s query. It’s not just about metrics and data and numbers for us; a positive true user experience is what we’re always aiming for. Second of all, even if you will sometimes opt for SEM (paid search engine ads), a well-optimized website will still index better. Last, but not least, a well-built and optimized platform will also respond to the user’s needs in a more natural way.

Our Process:

Step #1:

We use multiple tools to conduct research on the keywords your business needs to rank for.

Step #2:

We narrow down the results and tailor them into a personalized selection that would make sense for what your business actually offers and wants to be known for.

Step #3:

We create a comprehensive plan for translating that keyword research into a content plan, SM plan, link-building plan or a mixed long-term strategy employing various channels.

How keyword research can help your business:

Push up your content in search results

Your content (website, social media platforms, ecommerce shops or whatever) will be propelled up in the relevant search results. We have taken customers to the front page before and chances are we can do the same for you.

Increase content coherence

Once you start using keyword research based strategies in your content, there will be a much better alignment between what you want to communicate and what you are actually communicating.

Increase content comprehensibility

Your content will also be easier for users to understand and process, since it will be structured around the key concepts and ideas they were searching for all along.

Make your website easier to process by engines

Search engines will have an easier time understanding what you’re all about as well; this will be good not only for organic ranking, but also for all future paid advertising campaigns.

Drive up traffic and customers

The spike in exposure due to a higher position in search results will obviously drive more traffic to your content. In turn, with the right conversion techniques, your new visitors will remain on board as customers.

The Starter Keyword Research Starter Pack

Work chunks of 5-10 hours put in by our team, depending on the size of your website, and followed up with these deliverables:

  • A report of what keywords your website is currently ranking for and how well, what keywords were lost, and how competitive those keywords are (the likeliness of doing better for those queries in the future).
  • A report of what keywords are relevant for your niche but still untapped yet (the ones you should focus your future strategy on).
  • A personalized guide with techniques you could employ for ranking better in the future, along the lines of diversified strategies (content, link-building, social media etc.)
  • Optionally, an editorial calendar scheduling how to implement the required changes through content generation in the immediate future.

What You Can Expect from Us:

  • Although we use various professional tools for extracting keyword data in our research analysis, the keywords that make the cut and carefully considered and selected manually. There is nothing robotic or automated about the recommendations we deliver to you in the end.
  • We can offer you personalized plans for both keyword research per se and additional services based by it, depending on your business size and goals.
  • We also offer bulk keyword research services for companies managing multiple websites.
  • Our long-standing expertize in monitoring keyword trends translates into stellar consulting services on the topic. We can offer you one-on-one sessions via Skype, phone, or in person.

Want to see a keyword research plan sample from us?