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Content Marketing

The crux of the brand presence that we create for each and every single one of our customers: forging strong relationships with your audiences and potential clients

What is Content Marketing?

To paraphrase some of the top sources which provide a content marketing definition, content marketing is a strategy-based approach to marketing, which relies on creating and sharing any type of content, with the end-goal of attracting and retaining customers. Within this framework, content can refer to the written, visual, and video types of media available to today’s audiences. Form is, of course, important, as are content distribution channels. However, the main ingredient to a successful content marketing strategies valuable, relevant, share-worthy content, which stands to create positive associations to your brand in the minds of your target customers.

Here are the five main types of online content marketing available nowadays. You’re probably familiar with most of them and have likely heard mar-comm professionals pay lip service to their merits and benefits of these content marketing services. The following 5 categories also overlap with the other service categories that our content marketing agency delivers.

They are: a) Traffic boosting campaigns; b) Lead generation; c) Relationship building; d) Conversion rate optimization and e) Premium content, in its plain and sheer force. All of these are directions in which we take our content marketing. Each is fully detailed below, so keep scrolling down.

How content marketing can help your business:

Increase Brand Recognition

Content marketing, when done right, is about telling a story and about making you stand out from the crowd of your niche. This isn’t just about getting your message across, but about making sure that it’s you who broadcasts the message your target audience already craves for.

Increase Traffic & SE Rankings

Since content marketing holds a huge potential to make your content go viral, this in turn leads to a grand spike in traffic and SERPs. Continued content marketing efforts will make sure the spikes turn into a durable growth for the factors you need (traffic, conversions etc.)

Expand Your Reach

You can reach new exposure highs, which could be obtained with traditional marketing methods for much steeper prices. Also, a well-conceived content marketing strategy can help you tap into new markets and new audiences, gaining more conversions in the end.

Higher Conversion Rates

Through content marketing, you go beyond advertising your services as a classic sales pitch, where you tell your leads what they need. Instead, you tell your potential clients the story they can relate to, making them come up with the idea that they need your services, on their own.

Improve brand loyalty.

The beauty of content marketing also stands in its long-term effect. By providing your target audience with relatable and useful content, it makes them remember you. Then, they will return to you precisely when they need to buy the service you offer, as their first option.

a) Traffic boosting campaigns

It’s great to have a website that gets massive infusions of traffic, right? Well… not really. If it’s not good traffic, then it might as well be no traffic at all. What is good traffic you ask? The kind that doesn’t just ‘sit there’, increasing page view and unique daily visitor counts. Truly great traffic will give you a real edge over your main competitors.

Step #1: Turn your Site into a Lead Generation Weapon

In order to take your site to the ultimate level in terms of content marketing, you’re going to need to identify ideal audiences and target the best possible clients. We’ll start you off with a full website audit, which identifies current issues, as well as opportunities. We’ll optimize the site, so as to offer the best ever user experience, and also look good for the search engines.

Step #2: Create a Meaningful Blog for your Audience

These days, you don’t just want to be present online. You want to be active, relevant, and, most importantly, trustworthy. That’s what a company blog is good for. A good company blog should have a keyword strategy, an editorial calendar and compelling CTAs.

Step #3: Promote your Online Presence Via Social Media

Maybe your brand could benefit more from a strong presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or even Google+ – who knows? We’ll make sure they are always up-to-date, and that the profiles get updated regularly. We’ll showcase your philosophy, values, and business culture through meaningful content, both curated and original.

b) Content Marketing for Lead Generation:

Here’s how we can generate leads for your business through content marketing efforts:


We research your industry to identify your target audience and create buyer personas.


We review your sales process to understand what kind of content you need.


We audit your existing content, to find problem areas, but also strengths.


We deliver an editorial content—the core ingredient to our SEO campaign.


Find out what works, analyze, rinse, and repeat.

c) Relationship building

You see, one of the easiest ways to fail at maximizing your ROI is by focusing on bringing in new business. Chasing after those elusive new leads can make you forget to reach for that top of mind position with your current clients. That’s what relationships in content marketing are all about: returning the love to those loyal clients, who have carried your brand this far.

Step #1: Target Prospects

Regularly post blog updates on topics your audience cares about & target prospects with tailored email campaigns.

Step #2: Reach out to Influencers

Reach out to industry influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors. Reward them with exclusive offers.

Step #3: Keep in Touch

Engaging new prospects is only the first step. You have to make sure that they remain engaged by keeping in touch on social channels.

d) Conversion rate optimization:

When done right, though, inbound marketing is a methodology rooted in the social sciences, which stands all the best odds at bringing customers to your website.

These are the core ingredients to our inbound marketing strategy:

Reliable Analytics

We use Google Analytics, SemRush, Ahrefs and other tools to draw relevant information about your audience.

Clear Buyer Personas

Using the data we gathered we will create multiple buyer personas that best describe your target audience.

SEO Keyword Research

We conduct keyword research using Keyword Planner, SemRush, Google Suggest & Trends to identify keywords for your industry.

Editorial Workflows

Based on the keywords we identified & buyer personas we will create 3, 6, or 12-month editorial calendars.

Constant Assessments

Our team will make constant assessments to make sure your ROI & conversions are where you want it to be at.

e) Simply Premium Content

According to some of the latest data available, most marketers find it difficult to create engaging content for their prospective clients. One survey says that 41% of marketers struggle with the issue of quality, whereas only 20% have problems with output quantity, and 18% complain about insufficient budgets.

We understand this challenge like no one else and are here to help. We’ve got the work ethics to do it and will stop at nothing to ensure your time and money is put to good use. Our mission is to research, develop, create, and track content assets, with perennial (evergreen) value for your audience.

The kind of content we create is engaging, optimized for the user and the search engines, and adapted to your brand identity. We’ve got a seasoned in-house team of experienced writers, with plenty of work to their names. They qualify as experts in many diverse fields and industries, from tech and the services industry, to brands. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help.

To get an idea of what we do, here’s a (non-comprehensive) selection of what we deliver:

  • E-books and other types of downloadable content
  • Newsletters and emailing campaigns
  • Social media content
  • Search engine optimization on-site
  • Video content
  • Press releases
  • Infographics and other types of original visual content

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