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Video Script Writing

Building a marketing video for your company or products can be a lot of fun, but writing the script for it is hard-work. Our editorial team has plenty of experience with video script writing, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Videos have the power to tell your company’s story in 60 seconds. They can help you sell your products and convince prospects to become loyal customers. According to a recent report, good videos can increase landing page conversions by 80%.

A video script is the chronological run-down of text, action and scenes for a video. It tells the editor what to say and do, and when to do it. One page of video script, with indications, represents approximately one minute of screen time.

Our Video Script Writing Process:

Step #1: Preparation

A killer video script requires a lot of preparation. Before we can start working on the script we have to learn more about your business’s goals, vision, and products. If the product that you want to promote is a software or an app, we will first test it to better understand how it works.

Step #2: Research

The next step is to find out more about what you, the client, expect to achieve through the video. For this purpose we will ask you to give us more details about the tone of voice, message, and call-to-action(s) that you want to include in the video.

Step #3: Writing

We start working on the script. One of our writers then creates an initial draft and structure for the script. We always accompany text elements of the script with instructions of what should happen in the video.

Step #4: Editing

We refine the script until it meets our quality guidelines (your message is clear in the first 30 seconds, the script is concise, well-paced, and engaging). The engagement factor is obtained by telling a story, being personal, or humorous.

Step #5: Table Read

We do a table read. Reading the script out loud, in a group of 3, helps us identify and replace words that look great on paper, but don’t sound good. The short video script will be edited until your message becomes clear.

Step #6: Refining

We show you the script and use the feedback you give to further refine the video script. This will ensure that the message is loud & clear. We will edit the script until it is perfect.

How Video Scripts Can Help your Business

Increase Brand Recognition

Whether we like it or not, we now live in the age of video content reigning supreme. If pictures are worth thousands of words, then videos are worth billions of words and more. A brand that knows how to deliver it well is a brand that will be remembered easily.

Get Your Message Across

In this age of information overload, the attention span of users is severely limited. A compelling video encompasses everything you need to deliver, with both information and entertainment value becoming intertwined in one powerful statement.

Convert Leads into Sales

Seeing a product in motion and from different angles is much more compelling than a simple presentation picture. The same is true for more complex sales pitches involving services, a story etc. The attraction and magic of a well-conceived video is currently peerless.

Promote New Products

Few things can get the market more excited for a pre-launch than seeing shiny videos presenting that upcoming must-have. Again, this also goes for non-physical products, like events, promotions or simply new and exciting content (a demonstration and so on).

Appear in Mobile Searches

Data shows that a third of users now make their online buying decisions strictly based on mobile browsing data. The way you appear in their mobile display – and the way you manage to capture their attention or not – are now crucial for both sales and mobile indexing.

Why It’s Important to Create a Killer Video Script

The planning stage of video production is, arguably, the most important stage. A good video script can solidify your concept, goals, and message. We know how to write in script.

  • It has been demonstrated that engaging, short scripts can greatly simplify the video shooting and editing process. Furthermore, succinct and powerful videos that identify client pain points and present viable solutions in less than 90 seconds create a desire in the viewer to act.
  • According to HubSpot’s collection of statistics, most online viewers check out after 2-4 minutes of watching a video, depending on how compelling the content is. A great video script can prolong view time and increase engagement.
  • Short videos represent a great way to showcase your software and services in a simple and succinct manner, without losing viewer interest.
  • Working with a concise video script will give you clarity of thought and keep you organized.

Our team will help you create compelling scripts that synergize with the actual content of the video, thus streamlining the editing process.

What you can Expect from Our Video Scripts:

We know how to write video scripts that aren’t nap inducers. What most companies can’t understand is that prospects aren’t interested in everything that your service can do. They want to know how it will benefit them, in the shortest time possible. This is where our video scripts excel.

Here’s what you can except from the short scripts we create:

  • Compelling content that will help you convert.
  • Video content that synergizes with your company’s vision.
  • Comprehensive indications that will maximize the impact of your video.
  • Free Revisions
  • Our team can create video scrips for corporate videos, explainers, documentaries, fundraisers, how-to-videos, training videos, viral videos, and video testimonials.

Are you ready to make your prospects convert with the help of video?