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Brand Mentions

Introduced in mid-2014, brand mentions were heralded as the future of SEO – and in many ways, that’s precisely what they are. We’re convinced that explicit link building still has its merits, but far be it from us to deny the potential of brand mentions, or so-called implicit links.

The trick to doing SEO the right way, then, in this day and age, is to combine your backlinking efforts with brand exposure strategies. Context is highly important for brand mentions, from the simple connotation of the sentence in which the name of your brand appears, all the way to the relevance of the publishing platform for your particular industry and/or niche and their standards of quality.

Our Brand Mentions Process:

Step #1:

No two clients or brands are alike, which is why we first conduct extensive research to identify what mediums would benefit you most. We will put together a report of potential brand mentions opportunities which you can then approve yourself.

Step #2:

We start working towards obtaining you those brand mentions naturally, through multiple channels and types of content, in the most natural way possible.

Step #3:

We carefully monitor your brand mentions profile and see if everything fits the standards of quality set out for your business and niche. If you opt for it, we can then continue the campaign on a low-key (maintenance) pace.

How brand mentions can help your business:

Added Value for your Brand

When you come to associate your entire brand, or a product/service it provides, with a particularly visible and important publishing outlet, you are capitalizing on that publisher’s credibility.

Improved Awareness for your Brand

You might be tempted to think that, in the absence of a link to click on, i.e. without a click-through rate to gauge conversions, brand mentions do little to improve brand awareness. Search engines are much more complex than that, though, so every little thing does matter.

SEO Perks

Brand mentions work just like explicit inbound links: they harness link-juice, thus increasing more than just the visibility of your site, they also improve your domain diversity ratios and authority. There is also a gain in referral traffic from being exposed to potential new leads.

Syndicated Links

Essentially, you pay for one brand mention, but receive several – for the price of just one. And, of course, that means more visibility, trust, and authority for you, not to mention a more natural and diversified profile of online references.

Improve brand loyalty.

Once you build a stronger online presence and overall positive reputation, both potential users and one-time clients will remember you. A sound brand mentions strategy can help ensure a greater durability of your brand’s visibility and customer loyalty.

Our Brand Mention Services

Digital Web Properties boasts media agreements with some major names in online publishing. When acquiring brand mentions, we put those relationships to work, in order to get industry-relevant articles published, on top authoritative platforms.

  • Understanding your campaign goals. First off, we’ll sit down and discuss things through with you, in order to make sure we’re all on the same page, in terms of core campaign values and targets.
  • Finding just the right publishers. We will identify industry-relevant publishers, draw up a list and present it to you. You only approve the ones you see fit.
  • Brainstorming story ideas. Your account manager will discuss and develop industry-appropriate ideas, for newsworthy stories.
  • Creating professionally written materials. Our team of professional writers will produce a unique, thoroughly researched story for each individual publisher. Your brand will be cited, mentioned, or referenced, as an authority in the field.
  • Pitching the stories. Our client management team will pitch each story to the publishers you previously selected, by playing up our long-standing professional relationships with them.
  • Monitoring the published materials. Once the stories go live, you will receive the links to them from us, so you can keep an eye on them and respond to audience feedback, if necessary.

Additionally, we can also create content and manage communities on the following platforms. Feel free to select as many as you see fit, according to your campaign goals and industry niche:

What you can Expect from Us:

  • Full refund guaranteed: Since nothing is more important to us than our clients’ full satisfaction, we guarantee you will receive all your money back, if we fail to deliver the promised brand mention.
  • Affordable Prices: If you’re interested in a quote, feel free to contact us. One of our sales managers will get back to you in the shortest time possible, with a pricing offer.
  • Relevant brand mentions from verified individuals and trusted entities / portals.
  • All our material is original, well-researched and exceptionally high quality.

Tempted? Get in touch today to find out more!