13 Marketing Conferences you Should Attend in 2017 & 2018


13 Marketing Conferences You Should Attend At Least Once in your Life

Sima Ioana, CMO

September 18, 2017

The last few years have seen digital marketing rise well above its usual markers. SEO, page optimization, content marketing, pay-per-click, online campaigns and UX/UI strategies have all been tailored to the prime medium of exchanging information – the world-wide web. Extremely new and dynamic, marketing as a domain of activity is currently seeing its golden years.

The best and brightest within the industry meet annually at a series of conferences in order to discuss new strategies and to commend the best ideas. This year is no exception. We have marked down the best marketing conferences in 2018 that any marketer should experience at least once.

MozCon 2017 Conference, Main Stage

Photograph via Optimising

1. MozCon | Jul 9-11, 2018

$649 – $1,149 Super Early Bird (Moz subscribers/general admission)   / Seattle, Washington, USA 

MozCon is the marketing conference for the young and full of energy, but also for the experienced marketers looking to learn new things. The 2017 edition of MozCon wrapped up a couple of months ago. The conference provides actionable advice from industry leaders in SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO and analytics.

We attended our first MozCon this year. It was an incredible experience for our company. Seeing the experts that shape the industry talk about their failures, challenges, and successes was incredible. The conference is very well organized, the snacks really are delicious, and Roger is a sweetheart. The evening activities represent the perfect opportunity to network with influencers and to exchange ideas. We wholeheartedly recommend experiencing the MozCon at least once in your life-time!

The conference’s speakers include well-versed veterans of the industry as well as successful young guns that already made a name for themselves. After the three days of MozCon, attending markets will leave with a novel range of methods and techniques to be used during their practice. Some of the keynote speakers to follow are Moz’s own Britney Muller and Dr. Pete Meyers, Matthew Barby from HubStop but also Microsoft’s Purna Virji.

Unbounce conference claims successful marketers are driven by data.

Photograph via BetaKit.

2. Unbounce Call-to-Action | May 14-16, 2018

1000+ Marketers / $999 General Access / Vancouver, Canada 

With over 1000 attendees in 2017, Unbounce CTAConf brings together marketing experts from around the world, reuniting the best practices and the best ideas in the field. During the 3 days of talks, workshops and roundtables, the next generation of leading marketers is bred and trained to reach excellence.

Unlike other sober events, the conference also includes a foodie tour and whitewater rafting events. The CTAConf experience is unparalleled when it comes to learning. Every new trend and technique from the marketing toolbox, from the already familiar customer conversion and storytelling tricks to the recent outburst of meme-posting, will be explained and analyzed.

B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC

Photograph via B2Bmarketingleaders

3. B2B Marketing Leaders | 14-16 May, 2018

250+ Marketers / 2195 AUD ($1655) / Sydney, Australia 

One of the best marketing conferences in 2018 will be the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum. Dedicated to helping marketers keep up with the new marketing technologies, this conference includes 40-minute in depth sessions on analytics, measuring ROI, sales and marketing alignment, growth marketing, customer experience, advocacy, leadership and many other domains and sub-domains.

Offering marketing workshops with some of the recognized names in the field, such as Robert Rose, this B2B conference will be an actual learning experience for the attendees. Other speakers include Ernst & Young’s Jennie McLaughlin, professor and Chairman at MarketCulture Strategies Linden Brown, Thomas Barta, Natalie Truong, Todd Wheatland and others. As a result, most tickets have been already sold during the previous year.

Google’s Maile Ohye at a State of Search 2016

Photograph via A State of Search Blog

4. State of Search | October 9-10, 2017

$400 Super Early Bird – $600 Regular Ticket, $700 last-minute / Dallas, Texas / Speakers TBA

Four years running, the State of Search conference is now an established name among marketers. Poised to maintain the title of one of the best marketing conferences in 2017 as well, the organizers, the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association, have arranged for famous speakers to take the stage.

As a result, the keynote speakers of the 2017 edition of State of Search reunite Dr. Pete of Moz, Bill Hunt and Duane Forrester. Last year, as many as 44 speakers revealed their marketing strategies and techniques to the audience, the high point being the presentation given by Google’s Maile Ohye. As the event is later in the year, registration is still open.

After attending SoS 2017, you will take away a sizable knowledge on SEO, PPC and social media marketing. Moreover, he or she will have had the chance to meet and greet with industry experts from all across the country, all in the lively Dallas.

AdvoCamp Main Stage,

Photograph via AdvoCamp Marketing Blog

5. AdvoCamp | December 6-8, 2017

1000 Marketers / $1,499 Regular / San Francisco, California, USA / TBD (60 speakers in 2016)

Taking place in the marvelous Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, the Advocamp Conference is dedicated to establishing and improving long-term relationships between brands and customers. To its numerous attendees, Advocamp imbues an improved strategic sense, connecting business goals to revenue generation.

Customer-centric organizations such as Slack, HP and Ecobee and their speakers are the stars of the Advocamp Conference. Their success stories teach the attending marketers new conversion and customer relations techniques which lead to top quality referrals and projects.

Overall, the Advocamp feels exactly like the name suggests – an adult summer camp. Like-minded professionals can meet here and establish lasting social networks that evolve into extended collaboration.

Brand Manage Camp, September 26-27, 2017.

Photograph via BrandManage.

6. Brand Manage Camp | Sept. 26-27, 2017

Depending on Registration Date, between $1900 and $2500 / Las Vegas, Nevada, USA / 13 Keynote Speakers

Brand Manage Camp covers a wide variety of subjects relating to marketing. Published authors on innovation such as Soon Yu and Andrew Davis, and customer experience specialists such as the CEO of Lassen Scientific Nicholas Webb and New York Times best-selling author of five books Jay Baer all bring their insights to the event.

Aside from the networking opportunities, the Brand Manager Camp ranks among the best marketing conferences in 2017 due to its rich offering of actionable advice. Attendees will learn how to successfully utilize unconventional practices to get ahead of their competitors. From authors of behavioral economics and customer services, they will take away a better approach their customers so as to enhance customer experience. This Las Vegas conference reunites some of the best theoreticians and academics with the most successful marketing experts, totaling an unparalleled learning experience.

Revenue Generating Events & Resources for Niche Publishers.

Photograph via Niche Digital.

7. Niche Digital Summit | September 25-27, 2017

150 Marketers & Publishers / $1,694 3-day Registration / Chicago, Illinois, USA 

Taking place in Chicago, this year’s Niche Digital Summit brings together the best minds in media with the goal of driving online revenue upwards for any company. With talks and workshops that cover anything from the steps necessary to monetize social media and content, sell native advertising and face the questions of marketing today, this conference should not be missed.

During the 3 days of conference every talk will be directed toward helping marketers generate more online revenue. With B2B and B2C-themed strategies and real-world panel discussions, the attendees will learn everything about SEO, e-commerce, integrated online content strategies and digital sales, revenue-centric websites, video revenues and more.

Email Design Conference Main Stage.

Photograph via UXDesign.cc.

8. Email Design Conference | Sept. 21-22, 2017

1,300 Marketers / $1,195 Sessions Ticket / San Francisco, USA / 80 Speakers

Litmus’s 2017 Email Design Conference has been expected for years and it could not have come at a better time, as studies show that email usage is only going up. The Email Design Conference takes place three times a year, in different cities across the US & UK. With past speakers from Amazon, TripAdvisor, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Rebelmail and Nest, this conference brings a new perspective on brands and interactive email design.

The Email Design Conference teaches its attendees how to get off of the customer’s spamlist and how to identify, measure and use the implicit and explicit signals that the customers send. After two full days of workshops, conferences and talks, the attending marketers will hold a renewed understanding of email techniques and strategies.

10 years of search marketing success.

Photograph via MarketingLandEvents

9. SMX Conference | June 11-13, 2018

Around $1,995 All Access Pass / Seattle, Washington, USA / 50 Speakers

SMX Advanced is exclusively designed for those who are experts in search engine marketing. Part of a series of SMX events, Seattle’s SMX Advanced is focused on teaching its attendees advanced SEO and SEM tactics. These include conversion optimization, SEM analytics, advanced testing techniques, the art of targeting individuals and much more. The conference is organized by Search Engine Land & Marketing Land, two of the biggest names in the industry.

With an opening keynote speech from Google’s Vice President in charge of product management, Jerry Dischler, and other speakers from Intel, Pinterest and Microsoft, the Seattle edition of SMX Advanced 2017 was one of the best, and promises to be even better in 2018. You should definitely consider attending the conference if you are versed in SEO.

Inbound 2015, Boston.

Photograph via DigitalAgencyNetwork.

10. Inbound Conference | Sept. 25-28, 2017

20,000+ Marketers / $1,699 All Access Pass / Boston, Massachusetts, USA / TBD Speakers

With over 19,000 attendees representing 92 countries and over 300 educational sessions in 2016, Inbound is spearheading marketing conferences, bringing together experts in the field but also top clients, freelancers and others. The 2017 edition promises to match and even surpass the previous year with remarkable content, entertainment, the best networking opportunities and quality education.

Headlining this year’s lineup of prime speakers is no other than the former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama. Other announced speakers include Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, co-founders of Hubspot, plus other best-selling authors and stars.

Marketing Festival, Prague. Nov 9-10, 2017

Photograph vi marketingfestival.cz

11. Marketing Festival | November 9-10, 2017

1,700 Marketers / Prague, Czech Republic / 9 Keynote Speakers

At its 5th edition, the Marketing Festival this year will offer 50 workshops in an entirely new format to its participants. This event denies the strict label of conference. Instead, it is a proper Festival, providing an unparalleled networking experience with “parties and gigs all over the place”.

In terms of speakers, the Marketing Festival will bring before the attending marketers, publishers, freelancers and agency execs Moz’s own Wizard and founder – Rand Fishkin. A star of the 2014 edition, Avinash Kaushik will also return in 2017 with a new lecture that cannot be missed.

Big Data & Analytics Conference,

Photograph via official site.

12. Big Data & Analytics Summit | Dec. 7-8

150+ Marketers / $2,395 All-Access Pass, $1,495 Early Bird Pass / New York City, New York / 25+ Speakers

Addressing professionals with intimate and technical knowledge, this year’s edition of the Big Data Conference in New York will cover topics such as mobile marketing analytics, consumer behavior tracking, user level web analytics across multiple platforms, cognitive science to drive customer targeting and much more.

Other techniques studied through the hundreds of hours of explained case studies are NLP & text mining, A/B testing, data warehousing, marketing effectiveness and personalization. The Big Data conference will teach its audience how to devise a global marketing strategy that will provide maximum ROI and the utmost customer satisfaction.

The Do Lectures Wales.

Photograph via The Linchpin Consultancy

13. The DO Lectures

80 places available / The DO Farm, West Wales

Stepping away from crowded meeting halls and concentrated in-depth workshops, the DO Lectures is rather a small event. Moreover, as best described by the official website,

“We are not a conference. We are not a festival. There are no badges. The venue takes place on an old farm. In fact, after 8 years of doing it, we still have no idea how to describe the event.

The DO farm is an old-school meeting place of people and ideas from all domains. However, that is part of the reason why it should not be missed by marketers. In 2016, the DO lectures hosted speakers such as co-founder and CTO of Beme Matt Hackett, director of Standing Giants Robbie Hearne, Kasabian drummer Ian Matthews, illustrators, authors, entrepreneurs, advocacy specialists and innovators.

Also named the Ideas Farm, the DO lectures provide a marketing greenhorn or even specialist the opportunity get in touch with extremely diverse ideas. These can be taken back and implemented creatively into innumerable domains and marketing-related activities.

Moreover, at the DO farm, an attendee can swim, play music, enjoy the food, drink the locally brewed beers and tea from the best baristas, all by the picturesque setting of West Wales. All of these pastimes, coupled with stimulating discussions and debates, make the creative juices flow. The DO lectures cannot be defined easily, but it definitely should not be missed.

We hope you enjoyed our list of marketing conferences to attend in 2017 and 2018. Did we miss any exciting event? Let us know in the comment section below! 

Article by Ioana Sima & Radu Dumitrescu.


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