Lidia Bertesteanu,

Senior Project Manager

Skills: SEO, content creation, team management, social media.

When you combine a deep love for literature and an interest in all things medical, you get a detail-oriented over-achiever that thrives under the pressure of a deadline.

When she’s not working, Lidia is probably making a list of all the things she has yet to read or watch, or planning her next cosplay outfit for an international convention.

Achievements: BA in Comparative Literature, working on her MA in American Studies.

What Lidia Does for DigitalWebProperties:

Lidia oversees two of our most important content departments. She ensures that quality requirements are met and that the websites managed by her team achieve a steady audience growth.

Hobbies: reading, writing fantasy short-stories, cosplay, board games, cooking, comics, and bragging about her inability to ride a bike.

Favorite Quote

“Waiting for the sky to fall is gonna cause more bother than the sky actually falling.”

– Neil Gaiman, American Gods

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