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September 2014:
Digital Web Properties is founded by a team of 5 people with a few years of experience in the digital marketing business and with a passion to build something great together. At that time, we were working out of a one-apartment office, but dreaming big and growing steadily. Those times when we worked alongside each other on the kitchen table or took our laptops on the balcony for brainstorming sessions are among our fondest memories as a team.

March 2015:
Our initial team has expanded to about 15 people and we’re managing over 50 websites. We are trying out different SEO and content strategies, devouring the advice and lessons of other experts in the niche and learning as much as we can. Our website auditing technique gets perfected around this time, along with our website launch protocol that makes the process more streamlined and reliable.

October 2015:
By this time, our team includes 20+ new colleagues and collaborators. We’re also expanding our portfolio of clients and the diversity of our work (new strategies and new services, as well as new niches of content we’re growing more comfortable with). Although our core zone of expertize had been content creation and optimization, we’re now prepared to offer advanced SEO, website maintenance and growth, social media marketing, link building and reputation management.

December 2015:
We moved into our second office, this one being able to accommodate 25+ people and looking like an actual company HQ. We’re very proud of the way we’ve grown so far and how much we’ve learned together.

March 2016:
Our core team goes through some changes, people come, people go, but in the end, this is all just a bigger opportunity for us to expand into what we wanted to accomplish. We now have over 30 team members, from copywriters and project managers to SEO consultants, graphic designers and customer care specialists. Our link building division starts growing strong, as well.

September 2016:
We’ve been around for 2 years now, and while still having a long way to go, we’re happy with what we’ve accomplished. We number over 50 team members and collaborators now, and we’re looking into expanding our office space. Our portfolio boasts over 50 clients around the world, hundreds of websites and projects managed and plenty of hand-on SEO experience accumulated.

What we plan to do in 2017:
This year we aim to continue growing at the same pace as we’ve done so far, and hope that we’ll continue enjoying what we do just as much.

As for more factual objectives, these would be our #companylifegoals, in no particular order:
• To move to yet another bigger office (because our team doesn’t seem to stop growing);
• To reach $1 million in revenue at the end of the year;
• To expand our client base to the local Romanian market as well, with specialized services that answer the needs of the business entities and professionals here.

Check back in from time to time and we’ll keep you updated on how our story goes!

Our Valuable Team Members

Geta Movilã
Chief Operating Officer
Eleonora Simion
HR Manager
Chief Marketing Officer
Miriam Cihodariu
Content Director
Andreea Stefan
Inhouse Projects Director
Project Manager
Laura Condrut
LB Project Manager
Iulia Radu
Project Manager
Lidia Bertesteanu
Project Manager
Tania Preda
Project Manager
Mirela Marinescu
Paula Dunca
Gia Tudoran
Mircea Bacalu
Mariuta Borcila
Andreea Sterea
Alexandra Gavrilescu
Oana Alexandrov
Andreea Voicu
Andrei Petrache
Mihaela Giurescu
Corina Sandu
Laura Comanescu
Emil Luchian
Florina Ionescu
Gabriela Cosereanu