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Website Migration

Wondering why it’s important to implement your website on a reliable platform, in functional code? Stop asking yourself all those questions and start working with us today. We’ve got the access to an ample resource pool, which includes full solutions on how to migrate your website to WordPress.

Our professionals have got the requisite expertise to move your site swiftly and smoothly. Our process is simple and foul proof in terms of potential data losses, so there’s absolutely nothing for you to worry about.
Simply kick back and unwind, while we work on ensuring your website is relocated to a place where it can reach its full potential.

We Don’t Just Lift and Shift

Customized Settings

We understand that website downtime can translate into drastic business losses and would never jeopardize our clients’ prosperity. We check and double check all settings, from DNS to registrar to old server settings, to make sure everything is well aligned for the move.

Website Testing

Aside from making sure we’ve moved the most recent version of written data to your old server, we also test the new website’s functions, from the simplest to the most complex. Once we’re 100 per cent sure everything is working seamlessly, we return to the old server, to make sure no new database records were written and left out during the move.

Zero-risk Migration Cutover

Once all the cleaning up has been completed, we green light the cutover and start monitoring traffic to the new website. We also set up a maintenance page for the actual move, so that visitors who might unavoidably encounter errors are aware of what’s going on.

Why You Should Migrate to WP:

Easy-to-Use CMS
More SEO Friendly
Integrates with Hundreds of Plugins
Highly Customizable
More Secure

Fully Certified Staff

We work with professional migration engineers, who have plenty of experience with apps, programming languages, and platform frameworks. Aside from the basic website migration service pack, we also provide our clients with additional services, which they can opt for, should the need arise. These services include:

  • Website load testing. We want to make sure that your new site is better than the old one, which means making absolutely certain it can take sky-high traffic levels. That’s why we test the website’s stability in safe environments and work towards improving it and ensuring its stability.
  • Website performance fine tuning. As your business grows and adapts to market demands, your website is expected to follow suit. Our team of programming engineers will make sure that the coding language, apps, and framework implemented on your site are up-to-date insofar as industry standards are concerned. They will revise, adapt, scan, and patch up your website through and through, as to make sure it’s not vulnerable to security threats and other risks.
  • Application customization. Want a whole new app for your website? Want to adapt an old one to current business realities? You can count on us to take care of the job for you. Check out our Application Development Services and WordPress Website Development pages. We’re sure we can offer a solution to meet your needs.

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